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Die Mantaplatte - a real german classic

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Was guckst du? What are you looking at? This phrase is so famous that there's even a German TV show with the same title. Commonly used by friends to start a mock fight. Willst du mich anmachen? Are you looking for trouble? Lit. Do you want to turn me on? Unfortunately a real turn-off. Zieh Leine! Milder version of Verpiss dich as in „go away“. Lit. Withdraw from the line. A slightly milder version for the more sensitive amongst your acquaintances. Mach den Kopf zu! Shut up! Lit. Shut your head down. Stop talking nonsense and get lost. Leck mich am Arsch Lick my backside. A real German classic. It was the German literature titan Johann Wolfgang von Goethe no less, who came up with this remarkable one-liner in his drama „Götz von Berlichingen“ in 1773. And it’s been very popular ever since. Ja, du mich auch! You too! Standard reply to Leck mich am Arsch, lick my backside. Sometimes even used without the insulting prompt. Nimm dein Gesicht und geh Leave me alone! Lit. Take your face and go. Die Mantalette The girlfriend of Manny, der Mantafahrer. She’s blond, her name is usually Gabi or Mandy and she often works as a hairdresser. Ein 7 Minuten Pils A seven minute beer. The most popular beer is Pils, and to be perfectly poured it must sit there for seven minutes, and be topped up. Die Puffbrause Bubbly. Lit. brothel lemonade. Says it all. Ein Herrenhandtäschchen Six pack. Lit. Man’s handbag. Vorglühen to pre-party. Drinking alcohol before you even go out. Lit. Warm up your battery before starting the engine. Probably something for the Kampftrinker, real heavy drinkers. Saufen bis zum Verlust der Muttersprache Drink until you forget your mother tongue. Not advisable but it does happen. Das Krampfadergeschwader Senior citizens. Lit. Varicose vein brigade. Die Assischale Paper plate with chips – not exactly haute cuisine. Closest British equivalent is a portion of chips wrapped up in newspaper from the local greasy spoon. Die Mantaplatte Paper plate with chips with ketchup or mayonnaise, lit. Manta server. Drivers of Opel Mantas have a bit of a reputation. Ich könnte ein halbes Schwein verschlingen I could eat half a pig. Aufbitchen To get tarted up for a party. Bar auf die Kralle Receiving money in cash. Lit. Cash on the claw. Das Brett burnt This track is banging. Please note the English verb ,to burn‘ which receives the German third person singular ending -t. Das ist megamäßig abgespaced This is out of this world. Please note the word abgespaced, taken from the English ,spaced‘ and incorporated into the German grammatical pattern.

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